A downloadable game for Windows

In H-O-R-S-E, you play the classic basketball game of Horse against my AI counterpart Broke-Knuckle Bob (you'll understand the name when you play).

There is also a practice mode if you just want to shoot hoops in a peaceful setting without a horse commenting on your jumpshot each time.

One important warning! Be careful of your ceilings! Depending on how tall you are and how low your ceiling is, you might just hit the ceiling with your controller. I did it during development a few times :( . I don't want anyone else to! Can't have that on my conscience, so be careful! With the hoop-height adjustment in the right controller, you can comfortably play sitting down, if you like.

Tagsbasketball, horse
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsHTC Vive


H-O-R-S-E!_1_0.zip 20 MB


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Hey gsgs, I really like this game but can barely throw ball to hoop. Could you adjust sensativity so its lil easier to throw ball. Feels like I have to throw my vive controller to get it to go anywhere.

Sorry to hear that! It seems like a certain percentage of players are experiencing the same thing. I've since moved on to other projects and probably won't be updating this game, but one thing to try might be to follow-through a bit more and snap your wrist a bit more. Also, the game is using rather realistic physics, so if you're trying to shoot without jumping, for instance, it might actually be difficult to reach the basket, just like shooting one-handed without jumping can be difficult in real life. But I really appreciate the feedback and will take these things into consideration with my next games.